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Who we are.

LeaderCOACH is a leading coaching organisation in the heart of Africa, Burundi, created and managed by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF, holder of 3 master degrees and coaching certificates in personal development, workplace performance and leadership (Belgium, South-Africa and USA).

We coach people and organizations to become the best version of themselves to reach their goals.
We believe that your motivation and skills are the most important to contribute to your progress and to reach goals.
We believe that each person is created with all the tools s.he needs.
We help you to discover who you are to live in harmony with your’self’ and in harmony with others.

We teach people to be simple and clear. This is the overall strength of the Doutti-group: simplicity and clarity.

As leaders-trainers we teach all the general skills a person needs to live a satisfying Life and to perform at work.
We are leaders in capacity building.

We approach everything as a whole and not as a part.
We don’t judge, we motivate and we respect each person.

There is only one constant in Life: constant change!
To face constant change you need flexibility, motivation and skills!

Our references.

In 2019 we coached the Dutch Embassy in Bujumbura.
In 2021-2022 we became coach of coaches as a partner of the international NGO SPARK. We coached Spark Burundi, CEMAC, CREOP and AFORGER in:
– organisational skills,
– team building and performance skills,
– personal development and entrepreneurship skills.

What we do?

We combine coaching, training and facilitation techniques adapted to the needs of each group or organisation.

In 2022 we developed digital coaching courses and we created a specific enterprise, BiDigital.one.

Our philosophy is based on the principle that, both Life and work, are about the skills you master.
The more you master your mind and the you master your skills, the more proactive and productive you are in your Life because you act from your well-being.

Our main coaching technique is based the GROWTH approach and compassionate coaching.

Our process

We apply the GROWTHE 7 Step coaching system combined with the SMART, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and PEST (External Factors, Politics, Economics, Social and Technology) principles:

Step 1: Your specific goals?
Step 2: Your reality?
Step 3: Your opportunities?
Step 4: Your actions?
Step 5: When do you plan your actions?
Step 6: Your advisors or assistants?
Step7: Assessment, Monitoring

We developed the processes and we adapt those processes to our client’s needs.

Skills coaching process by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF

We personalise our approach in whatever type of coaching such as personal, employee, executive, team and organisational coaching.

For more information on our team coaching and our team coaching process: link

The areas of coaching range from Life and wellbeing coaching, to performance and compassionate leadership coaching.

“Where there is confusion,
coaching can bring clarity.
Where there is fear,
coaching can build trust.
Where there is concern,
coaching can bring hope.
Where there is isolation,
coaching can bring connection.
Where there is competition,
coaching can bring cooperation.”

John Whitmore

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