Leaders understand conflict. They don’t create it! Life is beautiful ❤️

Conflict. Understand it, don’t judge it!

Don’t run away from it!
I am not talking about violent conflict.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is one of my favorite teachers.

When I read this quote about conflict, I have mixed feelings.

What I learned in Life: the fact that there is constant conflict isn’t the problem.

Conflict is unavoidable by the nature of our mind.
Conflict is a creation of the mind. Our minds will always see, think and even create conflicts.

Conflict is part of Life by the nature of our mind and by Life itself. In Life everything is in constant evolution.
And our mind is constantly forcing us to look how to stay in a comfort zone.
The comfortzone doesn’t really exist.
The comfortzone is a creation of the mind, not real.
Our mind is a conflict in itself.

The only way to go is to change our mental attitude towards what is perceived as conflict.
We should have a neutral attitude towards it.
When our mind is negative, our attitude is mostly negative too, so we already add to conflict by our thinking and by our attitude.
This means we have to become aware of our negativity and take distance from it.
To ‘be’ neutral. And to be neutral means that we try to understand before we even think.
Because when we think. We think from our own mind. From our own perspective.
Thus we are already in conflict.
So when we stay neutral and observe without thinking, we will understand what ‘is’ instead of what we think what is.
This is the only attitude you can ‘be’ in to just be.

In the aid sector I am constantly confronted with judgements of mostly be western people what Burundians should do and what they shouldn’t do to get out of poverty.
This attitude is incredibly contraproductive, regardless of the (ir)responsibility of the Burundians for themselves.
The concept of responsibility is also a creation of the mind. The question is which mind 😄
What is responsibility for one person or culture is not necessarily responsability for another!!!
Do you notice? This kind of discussions or questioning by the mind lead nowhere when it comes to conflict.

We should learn to focus our minds on what is it what we want? What is it what we all want?
If we want peace, focus on peace.
Peace is always there.
If we want love, focus on love.
Love is always there.
Happiness is already subjective…
Because the first two are energies that can lead to the third ‘feeling of satisfaction’. And satisfaction is not what ‘is’ but subjective.
People that don’t want peace or love, are clearly from or in the mind. Their mind… You can judge that mind, but if you do, judge your own too!

Never let your limited religion, limited convictions, limited culture, even your maybe intelligent thinking, block you from peace and love.