Mantra of interdependence

Because I was invited by Mediator Vikram to speak about the heart, spirituality and mediation I decided to add this page on the leadercoach website.

“Consciousness of being, is the alignment of your mind, your heart, your body and your soul.”

Vikram’s invitation and the subject reminded me of my visit of an English club in the neighborhood of Bujumbura, Kamenge.

When we visited this youth, I asked my self: How can I contribute to this youth? What message can I give them? So I send them a mantra… It was up to them to do something with it.

It took me a few days to write this mantra.

“Your love inside is connected to the love of others and the LOVE of LIFE itself.”

“The mantra of consciousness of one holistic being
where nothing is separated from the other:
We are Life!”

The explanation of the mantra, you can download here.

So the youth of the club surprised me with the following, different stages.

Enjoy Life, we are Life!


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