Why you need a professional team coach?

The art of team coaching is to reach a balance between well-being, performance and results of the individual team members, the team and the organisation.

Better team collaboration and performance can only lead to results when a professional team-coach masters an holistic approach concerning all the team members, the team, the organisation and the environment. The art of team coaching concerns the balance of 40 aspects of team collaboration.

Team coaching in Nyanza, Burundi

Team Coaching or team building. When you want to improve the performance of your team, it is important to understand the difference.

What kind of coaching do you need? What do you want to achieve with the coaching?

Assessing the needs of our client, we explained that if it is only games they want or to organise beach volleyball ;-), there are other organisations that are better fit at it.

When you want to play, your focus is on playing.

When you want to improve your performance or team collaboration your focus is on discipline and many other aspects. See the list at the bottom of this article.

You want your coach to achieve sustainable results?

If clients want sustainable results and to improve the lasting performance of their team, they can count on us as leaders in the field.

Our goal is to deliver beyond expectations, the reason why we elaborated this list of 40 important aspects of your team collaboration.

Holistic approach

Our approach is holistic on:

  • Each individual team member,
  • The team
  • The organisation
  • The environment such as relationships with partners etc

When a coach focuses only on one aspect without the other aspects that are influencing the whole, a forgotten aspect can unexpectedly influence all the rest and block sustainable results.
So your coaching leads nowhere.

4 Step process

Our process focuses:

Step 1: focus on the valorisation of all team members individually.
Step 2: focus on the inclusion in the team and the collaboration within the team.
Step 3: the integration of the members and the team into the strategy of the organisation.
Step 4: the organisation and the environment.

This is delicate process you need to master (the combination of many skills as a ‘leaderCOACH’) otherwise you do more bad than good!

We keep on improving this process and we learn from every experience we have with a broad range of clients.

NGO’s need to become more efficient.

We appreciate the organisations in the development sector that want to improve their internal and external collaboration, efficiency and performance.

There is no better way to improve a society, the life and economical situation of others than to continuously improve yourself as leaders, individuals and as an organisation.

Flexibility. Different coaching and facilitation techniques.

To achieve this we apply a combination of different techniques and processes:

The key point is to be very flexible in the moment and strong minded as a coach.

Reaching goals through better performance and well-being.

Our services are focused on reaching goals.

A good vibe in the team is of essence but not enough.

‘ Vibes are only temporary.
Focus, discipline and results lead to lasting satisfaction of the team and the beneficiaries. ‘

There is no moment that the job is ever finished. Goals change, life changes.

Flexibility is the way to go, sustained by satisfaction through our daily actions and results.

Don’t run away, face who you are and what you do.

Don’t try to escape. If you want to escape, you are in the wrong place.

Face your challenges.

Simplicity and clarity lead to trust!

Clarity is the basis of trust. So be simple and clear.
Trust is the basis of all relationships and team collaboration.

The goal of a team coaching activity is to align all spirits and activities towards the same target. The clearer your goals, the clearer the tasks, the clearer the steps, the more chance you will get there.

All for one, one for all towards a clear goal!

The 40 aspects of team coaching

When we start to coach a team we ask them to fill in a survey and after the coaching we ask them to fill in the same survey.
This to understand if the coaching contributed to any progress.

Hereby a list of all the aspects we focus on during our team coaching activities.
The goal is to achieve a balance of all these aspects for the well-being of the individual members, the team and the organisation.

Trust in the team
Trust in the organisation
Valuing each member
The leadership
Everyone’s commitment
The way to communicate
Freedom of expression
Clear vision
Clear mission
Clarity of action steps
Understanding in the team
Information transparency
Communication transparency
Clarity of positions, roles
Clarity of tasks
The responsibility
The fear of conflict
Team before ego
Discipline, perseverance
Effective meetings
Personal progress
The progress of the organisation
The inclusion of the whole team
Continuous improvement
Individual skills
Team skills
Decision making
Everyone’s respect
Conflict management
Knowing the individual priorities of each team member
The knowledge of the priorities of the organisation by the members
Quality of the external relations

Now take your time to let this all sink and… if beach volleyball can help you 😉 just … DOU IT!

Please contact us for suggestions or information, we appreciate people that take initiative and add value!


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